Update on Mason two weeks post-transplant

To those of you who read this blog, we sincerely apologize that we have not done a good job of keeping it updated! In today's world of "social media is king", we have just found it easier and more convenient to post updates to Mason's Facebook page:

However, there are some people who are not on Facebook, so we do want to keep updating this blog as well!

Pre transplant time

Well here we are in Omaha, the transplant only 6 days away!

Mason's Transplant Update

Mason's liver transplant is scheduled!  Because he has a living donor, a date is set and plans are in place.  The surgery will be Wednesday, October 19 in Omaha at the Nebraska Medical Center.  Mason will be admitted a week prior to that for IV antibiotics and intense respiratory therapy.  The reason for that is because after transplant he will be immunosuppressed, so the IV antibiotics and respiratory therapy will "clean him up good" and get him in optimal condition for surgery and recovery.

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