Pre transplant time

Well here we are in Omaha, the transplant only 6 days away!

Mason was admitted Tuesday morning. They started IV antibiotics and he is getting respiratory therapy treatments for 45 minutes 4 times a day. Add some meals and snacks, as well as the steady stream of doctors, students, pharmacists, nurses, dietician, social worker, and teacher, and we are staying busy!  He is tolerating the meds and treatments very well and not really hating all the attention he is getting!  He is his normal calm and cool self and still doesn't seem to be nervous about the surgery.  I'm not sure why, but since being here in Omaha, my anxiety about the surgery has subsided. When we were home there was so much anxiety and anticipation about the surgery itself, as well as the time away from home and our normalcy. Now that we are situated, the focus has narrowed and the vibe here is so positive regarding the transplant. 

We are really feeling the love and support from home--home being Wichita, KC, and everywhere else we have friends and relatives. The response to the COTA campaign has been overwhelming! Morgan and Julie Hamby (my friend who is volunteering to help Morgan) have been working so hard promoting fundraising. The money raised will benefit Mason for the rest of his life by keeping the burden of medical expenses to a minimum for him, as he will always be dependent on rejection meds and medical care. But for today, seeing the money being raised means so much more than the dollar amount!  It is the most humbling feeling to see the incredible love and support from our home communities. We are so grateful for the money raised, but the gratitude we feel for the gesture of every donation cannot be put into words. 

The next 5 days will be as I described above, so not much excitement going on, just busy.  I will update again before surgery then a lot during and after. 

Thank you for all the warm thoughts, prayers, notes, posts, goodies, and love! We feel it all and that's what always gets us through these crazy times! Mason is tough as nails and has the right attitude to sail through this!