Update on Mason two weeks post-transplant

To those of you who read this blog, we sincerely apologize that we have not done a good job of keeping it updated! In today's world of "social media is king", we have just found it easier and more convenient to post updates to Mason's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MasonsTransplantJourney/

However, there are some people who are not on Facebook, so we do want to keep updating this blog as well!

As of today, Mason is in the hospital after a small bout of acute rejection, but he is doing great and his body is responding well to the treatment (500mg of prednisone per day)! To back up, Mason was released from the hospital the first time on Wednesday, November 2, after a very impressive recovery following two transplants (October 19 and 22) with an additional surgery in between (October 20, his 15th birthday). Our mom, Kristin, and grandparents, Sunny and Larry, were there with Mason when he was released on the 2nd - it was a very exciting day! Mom and Mason stayed in the Ronald McDonald House Wednesday and Thursday night. These were much-needed good nights of sleep! Unfortunately his lab results on Friday showed that his liver numbers were all up a bit, so Friday afternoon he was admitted back into the hospital and had a liver biopsy done, just to be sure that the only thing that was going on was rejection (which is highly common in the weeks following transplant). If you are curious about what 'rejection' really means, as well as some of the risks that transplant recipients face post-transplant, I found this article by the Cleveland Clinic to be really informative, as well as very similar to what we have heard over and over from Mason's transplant team.

Mason is being discharged from the hospital again today, and he and mom will head back to the Ronald McDonald house! They are staying there for as long as they need to be in Omaha, which the transplant team has told us could be anywhere from 4-8 weeks. This is just so that if something happens, like his liver numbers being elevated, they are very close to the hospital. Wichita is about 5 hours away, so being that far would make things much more stressful and scary if they needed to be at the hospital very quickly!

We all continue to be amazed by Mason's strength, resilience, and positive attitude. He is an inspiration to many, and we are so grateful that he has been doing so well since his second transplant. God is good, and we continue to pray every day for continued success. Go Mason!!!